Patch Notes
Add friend list: Possibility to send a request and to accept those of others.

Add episode bookmark list: You will now be able to view the bookmarks of an episode on a side section

Add report section: Now it will be possible to report any problem that the user will encounter by sending the message directly to the admin

Bookmark: It is possible to add a bookmark of an episode thanks to the button found in the lower section of the video. You can give it a name otherwise it will automatically be added as "The last episode seen".

Watchlist: When an anime is completed, it will automatically be added to the watchlist section. If a user had already seen an anime, he can add it as already seen thanks to the "Info" section.

Favourite: It is now possible to add an anime as a favorite through the side section "Info".

Progress bar: Each time the user completes an episode of an anime, the completion percentage of the aforementioned anime will increase.

Vote: It is possible to vote for an anime thanks to the "Info" sidebar. The sidebar will show your vote and instead in the anime image there will be an average of user votes.

Spoiler Toggle: On each page of an anime there is a background, basic will not represent the spoiler. If the user has already seen an anime and wanted the spoiler, you can change it by clicking on the button.
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